I tell stories using different media.

I have a background in strategic content development and am experienced in hands-on content production.

I am passionate about online journalism and also have hands-on skills in HTML, CSS and Drupal.

I am currently based in London and speak English, French and German (native).

My aim is to create and curate journalistic content across platforms.

Have a look around - if you like what you find, I am happy to hear from you.

I produce content for TV, Online or Radio.

My journalistic toolbox includes among others the Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Flash, Soundbooth etc), FinalCut Pro, Burli, Audacity and Gimp (OpenSource).

At the moment I am particularly interested in mixing audio and slideshows and I will develop this further.

Click on the images to watch and listen to examples of stories I covered over the last months.

Audio Slideshow
I write text. Online and offline.

I provide features, news, profiles, analysis pieces.

I also write custom texts that are tailored to specific target groups, including texts for websites, newsletter or press releases.

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I develop concepts.

During my two-year training in the editor-in-chief's department of Germany's second largest private television station, I focused on storytelling and development of both daily factual entertainment and large-scale primetime documentaries .

Over the last two years I immersed myself into hands-on website construction, principles of webdesign, social media marketing, SEO.

I develop story ideas and concepts that are tailored to a specific target audience within deadline and budget.
Creative content.
I have a lot of ideas. But many people have a lot of ideas.

The challenge of development is to find solutions to realise those ideas in an efficient way.

I always wanted realise my ideas and create new things. This is why I switched on my computer and started to learn.

When I decided to create a website, I did not have any clue what CMS or HTML means. Now I can set up a basic website within less than an hour.

To get there, I spent the last two years falling down and getting up again.

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Contact me.
Over the past years I have worked in various media fields, from print to tv to online. If you would like to find out more, please contact me via eMail.