Daria Dziurzynska Daria Dziurzynska

A journalist and a writer

TV Intern
I was an intern in the regional department of a nation wide TV station. I had an opportunity to observe and take an active part in creation of documentary programmes. During that time I was also taking a class in movie production, which in result gave me a good understanding of the Final Cut.
Online journalist
I was occasionally writing for my university website during my Master degree. Westminster News Online is a website edited and produced by journalism students. It mostly focuses on issues in the borders of United Kingdom. This gave me an opportunity to develop my writing and online skills.
Managing editor
This media content - based website was a great opportunity to improve my organizational skills. I was the managing editor and reporter. I found this position challenging but very beneficial in terms of improving my communication skills. The platform targeted Londoners and was focused on interesting and original stories related to London.
Production editor
Global View is a serious issues magazine, which was created under a university project. In this undertaking I was fulfilling a function of a production editor, however my involvement started as early as the idea for the magazine. I also wrote articles, which focused on different aspects of current affairs.
Some of my work is also individually published on different media content -based websites.