Daria Dziurzynska Daria Dziurzynska

A journalist and a writer


About me

I'm a freelance journalist based in London. Social issues and international conflicts are the main topics of my interest. However I like to explore new frontiers. The pen can be the most powerful tool. If one learns how to use it properly it can really make a difference. There are many topics, problems and stories that an ordinary man cannot get to without the media. I believe that journalists are the ears and voices of those people. They not only inform but also (can) bring society's attention on significant matters. That is why I have chosen my profession. I want to try to make a difference and to do that I want to use the pen as my weapon.

Experience and skills

During my university time I undertook an internship at a Polish TV station, TVP Krakow, which provided me with a great opportunity to take part in creating documentary programmes and TV shows. Apart from the journalistic experience that those projects gave me I also gained an intermediate understanding of Final Cut and use of a video camera. I have also taken on a course in communication – I completed the PR training.

I have mastered the craft of using words in both print and online media.

Undertaking print module during my Master degree allowed me to take part in projects like designing newspaper's pages and a magazine. I now have a great understanding of InDesign and Photoshop programmes. I also taken on an online class during which I learnt to use Dreamweaver and Flash, I also gain the understanding of website design and work for an online media content-based website. Which enabled me to work efficiently on an online media platform. This website is also an outcome of the course.


As my desire for practising journalism came in the early years of my life, it influenced my education. I attended a High School in Krakow, Poland with a humanities – journalism profile. This gave me a better idea of the media environment and improved my writing skills. Subsequently I undertook a course at Jagiellonian University,Krakow and I opted for specialization in Journalism and Social Communication. I gained theoretical as well as practical knowledge and I had a chance to learn from experienced journalists and media pundits. During this time I joined an exchanged programme and received a semester worth education in media, tourism and British literature at University of Stavanger, Norway. At present I'm pursuing my learning at Master level at University of Westminster, London, United Kingdom. I'm undertaking course Journalism International, which I plan to graduate from in August 2011.