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I have wide ranging experience that I feel equips me well for the demands of modern journalism

Having trained for a Masters in Print and Online Journalism at the University of Westminster I have learnt the skills required of any journalist. With a focus on online skills I have become skilled in dreamweaver, photoshop, final cut pro, audacity as well as developed a skill for writing online.

I am adept at spotting stories. I enjoy developing ideas, helping them become fully formed projects. I enjoy using involve new media to take stories to new places. The potential reach for a story is now as far as you can imagine it.

With the explosion of social networking tools you can now interact with people the opposite side of the planet. Developments in data journalism and geolocated stories allow you to provide stories for people in ways they didn't think possible. I am skilled in using these tools to provide journalism that matters to people

I have a vast experience in production. Having worked on broadcasts in a number of roles I am equipped with the skills to work in studios, on outside broadcasts or on my own armed with little more than a camera and a smartphone.

I believe I am equipped with the skills to help any organisation provide content that will matter to people. I have a passion for writing, filmmaking, photography and exploring new skills that will help me improve.







Alex Bath

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