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I am a journalist with a passion for telling stories

I am a multi-skilled journalist with a deep interest in news, sport and stories. I have a deep interest in current affairs and am interested in the tales behind what you see and hear on the news. I am excited by the possibilities of 'new' media. The potential to inform people and discover issues that would never have crossed your horizon previously is too exciting to ignore.

I have a deep interest in politics. The world is shaped by such a small pool of people, whose decisions affect every one of us. I believe journalists have a responsibility to hold people to acount, but I also think there is a duty to inform and help people understand. Politics is complicated, journalists are there to disseminate the confusion. The other thing that I find so interesting about politics is that it is everything. Every story you hear on the news has a political angle. I like to think that covering politics doesn't mean necessarily spending your days in the Westminster lobby. A reporter in the Orkneys or in Oman could be reporting a political story.

I am also a huge fan of sport. Like a lot of people, my weekends are spent glued to live scoring sites calculating the permutations of the current scores. Unlike a lot of supporters, my week is filled with reading opinion and anlysis of the game. My decision to work in journalism was as much to do with writers such as Sid Lowe and Jonathan Wilson as it was by Channel 4's Dispatches programme for example.

A fascination with the media and a desire to be involved in the most exciting stories going on around the globe led me to become a journalist.

Illustrating issues, telling stories and engaging people. There is nothing better.



Alex Bath

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