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Secret Screenings

By Laura Geisswiller

Imagine a cinema, where you are not sure of the venue or the movie that you are going to watch but you pay still for it. Explore the world of Secret Cinema with Where is London, where the actors bring the venue to life.

Intriguing isn't it? World of mouth introduces most to the Secret Cinema, curiosity takes the better of you and most often then not you are on way to a secret entertaining world, where the act never stops.

At the station, given the number of people waiting, it seems that the Secret Cinema is not a well-kept secret. 300 people are ready to be part of the excitement; most of them dressed in 40's style.

"It is really mysterious,” explained Justine, a blonde women in a long beige raincoat. “All this people dress like that, I really love, it is like we jump into the past".

When the staff comes to pick you, the first surprise comes up. They are not here for you at all, they are here to demonstrate for art. And they just invite you to join them.

So here you are walking through the grey street of East London, at 7pm yelling about the need of creativity. Secret Screenings

Every two months, the Secret Cinema change the venue. For this screening, they invaded the Tobacco Dock in East London, a burlesque style background to set up their show.

Step in the Tobacco Dock and the magic starts.

If you expected to just watch a movie, you are mistaken. The Secret Cinema is about not only about cinema but also about how to experiment a new way to watch a movie.

On two floors, actors are there everywhere, like characters stuck in past they continue to act in front of you irrespective of you attention.

While you walk through the Tobacco Dock, people are dancing, singing, playing piano, or just yelling. You are in a middle of a live theatre and 1940's museum.

Living the cinema

If you still don't understand what is going on, the answer comes when the movie starts two hours later. This night "Red Shoes" was screened. As the reel rolls on you realise that all the show, all the actors were about the film Michael Powell directed in the late 40's.

The idea of Secret Cinema stems from the fact that team just behind the show was fed up of Multiplex screenings and wanted to develop a new way to experiment cinema.

"I come to every session,” explains Julie her craze for the secret cinema and adds: “In august it was about Laurence of d'Arabia and the another time it was about Blade Runner. I really love the feeling to live the movie before watching it. And sometimes I take picture of a character that I just see again in the movie. It is just brilliant."
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