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Dasvidaniya winters!

By Laura Geisswiller

Given the extreme cold Russians face during the winter months, you can’t really blame them for partying hard when its time to bid the winter adieu.

The English winter isn’t quite as harsh, but that didn’t prevent thousands of Russian born UK residents celebrating their annual winter goodbye in style.

The pancake fair called Maslenitsa is becoming a fixture London. This was the third time the Russian festival was organized in the British capital by the mayor's office.

Traditional Russian pancakes, pelmeni, drinks and souvenirs were on offer at Trafalgar Square along with a host of national celebrities such as footballer Andey Arshavin and multi Olympic gold medal winning Gymnast, Alexi Nemov.

The celebrations went on until late in the night and featured traditional Russian folk music, dances and theatre performances.

The event was held on March 6, the final day of the weeklong festival called ‘Forgiveness Sunday’, when all Orthodox Christians ask each other for forgiveness for any wrongs that they have committed.
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