Eight geotag journalists exploring your city. This week: Global London.

Happy go naked

By Valeria Testagrossa

The mix of flashy lights had made my head spin and I was drunk by the electric spirit of that place.

All around me everyone seemed to be making their first steps on the moon. Naked bodies, malicious looks and laughter filled the air.

I had that comfortable feeling you get when you are part of something and I was part of this cheerful, playful, artistic and crazy atmosphere.

I would go from one artist to the other for a chat or a make up or a massage, then dance to some live music and end up jumping at the rhythm of electronic beats. How could you get bored in a place like this? I would have stayed there forever!

Underground culture on show

Blend art, music, performance, Latin dance courses, massage, yoga, make up corners, dress up corners, video projections, cabaret and crazy trash karaoke all in one place and the result is a crazy, entertaining and free spirit party: The Naked Spring Festival.

Naked is not just a name but an attitude, naked is shedding one’s inhibition; mental and physical. You have to leave your embarrassment and preconceptions behind because once you’re in there is no space for them.

Artists from a cross section of the London underground dance, music and art scene all unite to play all styles in a spirit of freedom, creativity and self-expression. The vibe is incredibly friendly, and you could take part in anything you wanted to, in any way you could.

A collection of outrageous outfits stood in the dress up corner waiting for someone to give them life, why not try one and go for a wonderfully trash song at the karaoke? Maybe take a class of salsa or pole dancing?

A bit of imagination and a crazy free spirit were the keys to enjoy the Naked Spring Party!

A little disorganized

Such a good event would have been enjoyable throughout the weekend, but unfortunately they stopped the music at 2:30, prevented people from coming in and made everyone go out.

The reason was that the police arrived saying that there were too many people in the building and it was not a secure situation.

This was quite inconvenient and created a lot of anger among those who had just arrived and had paid their ticket. People were forced to leave straight away, lost their money and, more importantly, a good night.

The event is excellent. It should be organized better so as not to create any disappointment among participants, but there is no denying that this is a quality live event where you can see all of London’s underground culture on show.

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