Eight geotag journalists exploring your city. This week: Contrasting London.

Cycling London

By Alex Bath

In recent years there has been a growing presence on London’s busy streets. Amongst the taxis, lorries and buses the number of bikes weaving their way between the motionless traffic has increased.

“Congestion charging, rising tube and bus fares all mean that getting from A to B is becoming more expensive and due to congestion, taking longer,” explains Andreas from the londoncyclist.co.uk blog, he adds: “on a bike you beat both these whilst at the same time get lots of exercise.”

Cyclists now account for almost half of the rush hour traffic across London’s bridges, yet Mike Cavenett of the London Cycling Campaign quickly tells WhereIsLondon that “safer Thames bridges” is one of the things the city’s leaders could do better for the huge number of cyclists on the streets.

The campaign also believes there could be “more dedicated bike lanes on the busiest roads, safer junctions, cutting out rat-runs on side streets and lorry driver training” to try to prevent accidents involving cyclists.

In spite of the risks, London does provide some great rides.

London Cyclist’s Andreas tells WhereIsLondon, “I highly recommend Richmond Park for enjoying nature on the bike,” and “the canals offer a great traffic free place to ride.”
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