Eight geotag journalists exploring your city. This week: Creative London.

Cycle-In Cinema

By Valeria Testagrossa

Imagine a drive-in cinema. There are no speakers, but with every car tuned in with their radio sand listening to the movie’s soundtrack through their own sound system. Now replace the cars with bicycles and sound system by mobile FM and ride into the world of Cycle-in-Cinema.

This niche project aims to bring the community out of their homes and into the streets to share a moment relaxation and entertainment. People can ride in or walk in, all they need to do is to tune in and have fun.

The first Cycle in cinema was screened at the Big Chill festival in 2007 and since then has grown.

In 2011 there will be screening will be in boroughs across London such as Lambeth, Hackney, Brent and Haringey and to create the effect there will be more powerful 20 bike powered generator instead of the usual 8 bike generators.

When it comes to selecting the films, the main criteria is to concentrate on films that have been produced, filmed or made by the local communities. The aim is to bring communities closer and the group is collaborating with local cinemas to achieve this.

Adam Walker, one of the co-director of the company concludes by saying: “Earlier there used to be so many cinemas and they used to be the social hub.

Now going to the cinema is very expensive. One wonders were has the entire independent cinema gone? People are all stuck in their world. The idea is to drag people out into the street, out of their normal context and see what happens.”

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