Eight geotag journalists exploring your city. This week: Global London.

New Yorker's take on London

By Alex Bath

An ethnically diverse population of almost ten million people, an array of international politicians traipsing around the city and the focus of thousands of migrants across the world. London? No, New York.

Like London, the beating heart of its nations culture, economy and international reputation.

London and New York perennially top lists of the world’s best cities. They may switch between first and second place but they tend to rule the upper end of the listings.

Here at Where is London we wanted to know what our New Yorker friends thought of our metropolis. What do they know of city that thousands of Americans visit every year. How aware are they of the capital of their nations strongest allies?

Generations of Presidents and Prime Ministers have talked about a special relationship between the two countries, Where is London gets the New Yorkers talking.
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