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London's most haunted Pub

By Daria Dziurzynska

Have you ever wondered how many stories the old walls of your local pub have seen? Probably more than you think. Many broken hearts, few broken ribs and maybe even a spectre.

The walls in The Old Queens Head have seen quite a bit. It is said that the space on the top floor of the building in the past was used as bedrooms. According to the stories heard by the staff a woman and her daughter once occupied one of those rooms. It is believed that during a fire that happened in the building they got trapped in their room and burned alive.

Supposedly their ghosts now hunt The Old Queens Head.

Elizabeth Okogba, who has been working here for a year and half, recalls a story told by her former manager, who one night sitting alone in the office and suddenly felt something behind her back. After that incident the women would never want to sit there on her own again.

Elizabeth also remembers her colleague’s suspicions about ladies bathroom door on the second floor, which no matter what just won’t stay open. However, “everything can have an explanation”, says the girl.

The only thing Elizabeth finds weird is that the passages between floors are always so cold one can see their breath. She tries not to think about it though, “Everything is in the mind,” adds the bartender.

Members of the staff who work there now, never really saw any spiritual creature but some claim that the place is a bit spooky, especially when it is empty.

“One of the managers used to give me the keys to lock the kitchen because he was too afraid to go up. And he was a man!” says bartender, Scarlett Bovingdon who is very sceptical of the ghost.

A spiritual reader who came to check the place wouldn’t be of the same mind. “He sensed something on the top floor,” said supervisor, Rose Maragna recalling the visit. Same floor that was used to supposedly occupied by the mother and daughter, who died in the fire.

The Old Queens Head is one of the oldest pubs in London. The current building dates back to early 19th century, however it is standing on the remains of The Old Queens Head Public House. It is hard to say when it was first build but a fireplace that remained from the old structure dates back to 17th century.

It is believed that one of the previous owners was Sir Walter Raleigh, who supposedly in 1650s granted licence to the pub and named it to mark the reign in which it was granted.

John Ming, the building manager said that it is understood that there were secret passages under the building leading to Canonbury Tower situated a mile a way. Some think those passages were used by the Queen Elizabeth I, when she wanted to meet with her dear friend Sir Walter Raleigh.

But lets leave the ghosts of this story in the closet.

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