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Partying Rolling Stone’s style

By Daria Dziurzynska

190 Queen’s Gate hides a story of one hell of a big party attended by no one other than the kings of rock and roll themselves.

On an evening of 1968 some extraordinary guests enter the 190 Bar in the Gore hotel. The Rolling Stones and their crew had just finished “Beggars Banquet” and decided to celebrate in, at the time, one of the most popular bars in London.

It was a night to remember, and one which the bar and its owners certainly haven’t forgotten. According to the stories, the band members were fond of the bar and that’s why not much has been changed since then.

“They really liked the bar, the atmosphere and the decorations so we’re trying to keep everything the same way it was back then,” says Juliano Vervloet Comerio, the bar manager.

There are however few things that were not there on the evening of 1968: large pictures of the band from this memorable night and a framed record, that was supposedly given to the bar that evening.

History of fame

The Rolling Stones are not the only famous people who have visited the bar. In the days of music legend it was known as a place to be, and the biggest names from the show business came for social gatherings.

It is believed Queen Victoria was a guest at the Gore hotel. She stayed for a quite a long time and in the end left her bed, which is still in one of the rooms, as part of her payment. There is no actual evidence of her being in the bar however “everyone who stays in the hotel comes to the bar, so I believe she came”, says Juliano, who is very keen on the history of the place.

Even today 190 Bar is still visited by famous bands, sportsmen and people from the world of showbusiness, but it is not promoting itself through their fame. “We want people to come because of our menu, service, the atmosphere this place offers. The Rolling Stones are part of our history and its something we can talk about,” says the bar manager.

The bar is respecting the privacy of its costumers therefore stories of other celebrities that visit the place stay inside the wooden walls of the bar.

“Once someone famous comes to the bar we try not to start a conversation. It’s up to them. If they want they will talk, if they don’t we respect it. I think this is why they come back,” explains Juliano.

Plush comfort

The bar is a rather cosy place, with its comfortable leather couches, but at the same time you can feel the sophisticated touch of its decor. Evening here can be spent by candlelight with a glass of fine wine or an exotic cocktail.

“The idea is to make guests feel comfortable as if they were in the living room of their house, having a cup of tea or a drink,” says the manager.

Bar 190 is a place with lots of history, some yet to be discovered. But even those who are not so keen on stories from the past can still enjoy the atmosphere of the place in the present.
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