Eight geotag journalists exploring your city. This week: Global London.

Capturing world’s imagination

By Avinash Kalla

Expressing global concerns is no mean task. Target it down to capturing the imaginations of youngsters of 20 countries and the job becomes challenging.

This is what British photographer Adrain Fisk is attempting to do before the 2012 London Olympics.

“It’s an ambitious journey to find out what young people think about the world,” says Fisk about his project. He adds: “We live in the age of communication and yet we know so little about each other. There is a shift of global focus from west to east and its time we develop a better understanding of each other.”

The shift explains Fisk is cultural, political and economical. To this add the issues of global terrorism and environmental hazards: “It’s about time we address these questions which have never been put to us. It’s about time we speak up,” says the photographer from Devon.

After completing iSpeak China and iSpeak India a photo documentary capturing the imagination of youngsters aged between 16-30 years in two of the world most populated and fastest growing economies Fisk attempts to go global.

London 2012

With London hosting the 2012 Olympics, Fisk plans to unveil his global work stating it as a befitting opportunity to talk about the global project.

“From this point there will be a global touring expedition to showcase the global thoughts across the 20 countries that will be a part of the project,” says Fisk.

He plans to capture North and South America, Australasia, West and Central Europe, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East and UAE as a part of his global journey.

Fisk feels that London is one of the few true cosmopolitan cities in the world: “It’s a city with extraordinary energy and has been cosmopolitan for so many years. That adds to the charm of this city. Though it might not be the biggest city in the world it certainly is one of the most vibrant cities, which allows one to go for their dreams.”


iSpeak global will be the third edition of his popular iSpeak series after India and China.

“Both these countries have over a million people under the age of 30 years and exploring their minds I figured out that their concerns were no different from each others and many from the west. The language was different but the thought was the same,” explains Fisk.

He adds, “The very essence is to create understanding between different societies, people and cultures. This also gives them a chance to learn more about themselves.”

The task is daunting and the tale complex, but when it comes to capture the spirit of these people Fisk makes the most of the cliché, a picture is worth thousand words.

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