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Creating opportunities

By Avinash Kalla

He holds a Masters degree in statistics from Cambridge University and runs a tea shop. In his spare time throughout the day, inbetween serving tea, he supervises the car accessory business above his tea room. The weekend is reserved for dishing out financial advice on stocks and trade to his clientele.

Meet biz whiz Urvish Patel, who is passionate about numbers and loves developing business to grow his financial consultancy.

“It took me three years to build this place from scratch and now its more or less self sustainable,” says Patel who is brewing dreams of venturing into his fourth enterprise.

The 28 year old developed the ambition of building up his financial enterprise when recession hit London financial markets, hitting the banking sector hard and claiming his job as a consultant with Barclays Trading unit.

“It was a tough time and I wanted to create my own enterprise. I didn’t want to give up on my dream. I started thinking of some business set and started out with a café nearby City University and soon the café turned into a tea shop,” says Patel.

Patel is of the opinion that London allows you opportunities to go for your dreams and that anything is possible here.

“I didn’t miss my job and over the years have developed my niche which allows me to take the plunge in the financial sector and still I have something to fall back on. The city has its role to play in my endeavour,” he says.

Riding on the success of his small yet successful ventures he aims to go for the fourth venture soon. “There are four people running it apart from me and can now take it on, I can focus my energy elsewhere. There are many opportunities around and as long as I can successfully create small opportunities to fulfil my big dream I’ll go for it,” Patel enthused.

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