Eight geotag journalists exploring your city. This week: Global London.

Faces of London

By Valeria Testagrossa

Travel the world without leaving the city.

London is probably the most multicultural city in the world.

Flavors and smells fill the air and take you to an all around the world trip. London's gray sky disappears to leave space to a sweaty Indian afternoon, to a caribbean beach or to a Vietnamese fishing boat.

Differently shaped and colored eyes communicate unspoken words to you everyday, music from the globe fill your ears while walking around the streets of London. As in a Tower of Babel everything seems to make sense and to communicate to you. Each expression carries a story, a past.

The ancient art of face reading has been used since the time of Confucius by Chinese doctors as an aid to diagnosis and a way of helping their patients. Close observation of the face afforded them deep knowledge of the personality of their patients.

I have always been fascinated by how many stories there are in a look, in a wrinkle, in a smile or in a frown. That is why I chose to portrait the faces that make London.

Have a good trip!

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