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Foxes on the prowl

By Daria Dziurzynska

For a multi-ethical band to come alive there is no better place than one of the leading multicultural cities in the world-London.

Urban Foxes is a group of young artists hailing from different ethnical and musical backgrounds who found their calling in the culturally vibrant city. In their music, they reflect diversity and use it to their advantage.

Hip-hop, jungle, drum & bass, rock and reggae are blend together to create “the foxy sound”.

This isn’t the only thing that makes the band stand out. Some of their compositions use three languages: English, Polish and French. There are plans to in the future add Hungarian and Danish, in order to enhance the cultural diversity of Urban Foxes.

This diversity in music and lyrics is not accidental. The Foxes, in their songs and everything they do, try to reflect the multicultural city they live in.

“London has a lot of influence on our music. It gives us the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and to create music together,” says Konrad, rapper and scratch DJ.

Coming together

Konrad and guitarist Geoffrey started the band in 2008. Theirs was a chance meeting through a common friend. Konrad was looking for a studio to record his music and Geoff offered him his place.

“He came to my studio to record some of his tunes, he was really good. After two sessions we sort of decided: what if we do something together. And that’s how it started,” recalls Geoff, who doubles up as producer.

The idea to sing in different languages came naturally. “We didn’t really think about it. Konrad turned up one day with a good bit, and we though: well that’s amazing. He had something in Polish and I came up with something in French on a spot and then we wrote a chorus in English with a singer, Tim. It was all in a space of a session,” is how Geoff describes their first composition together.

The debut song was titled Humanise. It describes cultural diversity in London and the issues that come with it.


Soon their diversity expanded further as singer Gyongyi, rapper Fred and drummer Benji joined the band and brought in more cultural and musical influences. “It’s like food, the more spice you put the tastier it is,” says Gyongyi.

Fred met Foxes, when he just moved from Denmark and loved the idea they had. “I though it was interesting. They are foreigners, like me, so I didn’t feel out of place,” says Fred.

Benji is the newest fox. He joined the band a few months back and he fell for the diverse idea right away. “I like it, I think it’s good to be a part of something that is best described by its name,” he says.

Beyond borders

The band has played gigs around London, at popular as well as lesser known places. Last year the Urban Foxes performed in Poland and the invitiation to play again this year has already come.

Currently the Foxes are working their tails trying to finish their new album, which will be released before summer. Then all the focus will be put in gigs around London and abroad to promote it.

Like many young musicians Urban Foxes are trying to express themselves and their world view through their music, but in a bit different way, their way.
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