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Inspired by the city

By Xudong Zeng

Fashion of the city is about identity, creativity and experimentation. That is one of the things that makes it unique. Fashion blogger Jennifer Robson is all these and more.

She grabs your attention the moment you meet “I'm Jennifer, I'm a part-time blogger cum fashion photographer, and full-time fashion obsessive.  Can I please take your photo?”

Congratulations, you have met the diligent and insightful street style hunter Jennifer Robson from Styleeast, a dedicated street style blog tracing its origin in east London.

Mad about Fashion

Among her friends, Jennifer has long been known as being “fashion mad”.

“Fashion is one of my true passions,” says Jennifer. “I've always been a great admirer of others' style, but it wasn't until I moved to London that I felt free to explore it more creatively.”

Read through her blog and you can tell Jennifer has taste to appreciate the feminine, whilst also enjoying stand out styles, such as one she calls “glamorous androgyny”.

She favours playing with proportions, maybe pairing very high-waist trousers, or skirts that stop at a slightly awkward length, with loose knits and oversized accessories.

Life on streets

Ask her how Styleeast came into being and Jennifer says: “I started the blog because the fashion of east London where I live inspires me and I wanted an outlet for my passion. I'd walk down the street and see all these amazing outfits and just wanted to photograph them to retain them in memory. And now I do!”

“The amazing thing about street style shooting is that some of the most gorgeous, or most intimidating-looking people often turn out to be the nicest,” says Jennifer.

Inspired Londoner

Talking about living in London, Jennifer indicates, “London is unique to me because of the freedom I feel it gives me. You can pretty much do what you want. You can get lost in the city but still be very much part of it. I feel fortunate to live here, like I'm part of something very special that I'll tell people about when I'm old.”

East London is her favourite style hunting arena. “Of course there are trends here, but mostly just an overwhelming individuality.  People dress up in their own unique way and then all pour onto the small streets to mix with one another. It's a street style blogger's heaven!”

As for the recently concluded London Fashion Week, Jennifer locked her eyes on Masha Ma. “My favourite show, by a mile, was Masha Ma - those red boots were amazing.  I think the label is going to be huge, that's two seasons in a row the show has blown me away.”

Blog hues to fashion

Jennifer is passionate about the origins of 'real' people inspiring designers. She explains how it is a tradition that goes back in fashion history. Coco Chanel was inspired by the very ordinary people around her, following which she single-handedly reinvented the way we dress. 

In terms of blogging’s influence on the fashion industry, she believes, “with all the exposure we have through the internet, and to have these inspirations at our fingertips is amazing.” For the wannabe fashion bloggers Jennifer has three words of advice, “JUST DO IT!”.

She ends saying: “I wanted to do it for years before I actually started Styleeast, and I'm so glad I did.  I'd also advise knowing what you want your 'hook' to be that makes your blog stand out. Oh, last but not least be nice. All the bloggers I've met are and it wouldn't be anywhere near as much fun without them!”
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